Welcome to my coin site. The last updates are very old and I will be working on getting the site updated. This site is permanent  baustell under construction.

Please forgive me any late reaction on your email.

I collect world coins and Euro coins. My collection of coins and double coins you can find under these two buttons.

For trade I have a set of the 400 years Rembrandt. I have the stamp and the euro from 2006. This set can be swapped for coins.

Rembrandt zegel en munt

Also for sale or trade the 2014 introduction set from King Willem/Alexander from the Netherlands.

2014 introductieset-euromunten-kwa-unc

10 euro with the new king (2013)(first coin).10 euro koningstientje

5 euro with windmill (2014).

5 euro windmill 2014

5 euro with peacepalace Den Haag (The Haque)(2013).

5 euro vredesplaeis 2013


5 euro with Rietveld (2013).

5 euro rietveld 2013



For a mardi gras (carnaval) coin from

ceasar look to this picture.




For questions and suggestions please mail me annette.dekker@hetnet.nl